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RiskK Cosmetics

Look Your Best

With Paraben-Free Cosmetics

Skincare that's light and comfortable for under $20

Gentle Lavendar Cleanser 

My favorite scent is lavender for face products, it reminds me of gentle and soothing. This foaming cleanser helps natural moisturize and restore skin.

Wrinkle repair serum 

Serum doesn’t have to cost a fortune this organic formula is packed with retinol, collagen botanical hyaluronic acid, organic jojoba seed oil, organic aloe Vera, green tea, and gotu kola.

Eye lift 

This repair product is infused with anti oxidants, vitamin E & C, botanical hyaluronic acid and organic gotu kola.

Lift it face and neck cream 

Restore your skins elasticity! Promote collagen! This cream tightens and replenishes. Antioxidants, vitamin Q10, gotu kola, omega 6, B5, C, and E. 

Men’s cleanser

Soothing men’s facial cleanser. Moisture, soothe and antioxidant for an all in one.

Men’s Aftershave toner

Helps skin and prevents blemishes caused from shaving. Essential oil and antiseptic keeps skin clean and refreshed.

Men’s shave gel 

Soften stubble with this healing shave gel. Tea tree essentials with vitamin E helps reduce razor burn.